Publications A3

The publications of the CRC 732 project A3

Incremental Specification in Speech

Marko Lugger, Bin Yang (2008), "Cascaded emotion classification via psychological emotion dimensions using a large set of voice quality parameters", Proceedings IEEE ICASSP 2008

Marko Lugger, Bin Yang (2007), "An incremental analysis of different feature groups in speaker independent emotion recognition", Proceedings ICPhS 2007, Saarbrücken, pp. 2149-2152

Marko Lugger, Bin Yang (2007), "The relevance of voice quality features in speaker independent emotion recognition", Proceedings IEEE ICASSP 2007

Andreas Madsack, Steven Lulich, Wolfgang Wokurek, Grzegorz Dogil (2008), Subglottal Resonances and Vowel Formant Variability: A Case Study of High German Monophthongs and Swabian Diphthongs, LabPhon11, Wellington

Stefan Uhlich, Bin Yang (2008), "A generalized optimal correlating transform for multiple description coding and its theoretical analysis", Proceedings IEEE ICASSP 2008

Wolfgang Wokurek, Andreas Madsack (2008), Messung subglottaler Resonanzen mit Beschleunigungssensoren, Fortschritte der Akustik--DAGA-2008 (Dresden) pp.251-252

Andreas Madsack, Grzegorz Dogil, Stefan Uhlich, Yugu Zeng; Bin Yang (2009), "Phone-based Plosive Detection", Technical Report, Universität Stuttgart

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