Project C1-E (2006-2010)

Overview of the project C1 of the CRC 732

The Syntax of Nominal Modification and its Interaction with Nominal Structure

PI: Artemis Alexiadou

Researchers: Cinzia Campanini, Susanne Lohrmann and Mihaela Marchis

Hiwi: Marcel Pitteroff

Former researcher: Kirsten Gengel

The project investigates ambiguity in the area of nominal modification. The main hypothesis is that ambiguity arises as a result of different structural combinations. The project investigates in detail three distinct contextual factors that are being identified as the source of ambiguity: (a) the syntactic structure of the modifier and (b) the internal structure of the head noun and (c) their interaction. This enables a better understanding of the restrictions on ambiguity and a plausible basis for compositional semantics.


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