Project INF-N (2014-2018)

Overview of the project INF of the CRC 732

Project "Informationsinfrastruktur"

Welcome to the website of the INF(rastructure) project of the SFB 732. 

We are responsible for a number of aspects, all centering around the data collected in the SFB. Or main goals are to a) accumulate a large collection of language data, which b) can be exploited optimally by both computationally oriented and predominantly theoretically working projects and is c) made available to the research community.

That is, we are working towards a better sustainability and availability (here we are in close cooperation with CLARIN-D) and we  are supporting the aggregation of the silver-standard collection (a dynamic set of primary data and multi-level annotations originating from different projects in the SFB).

We support the SFB's phase 3 mission of validating the methods developed so far by applying them to new domains and non-canonical data. And we take part in several collaborations with other projects of the SFB, e.g. to provide methods to assess confidence of automatically generated (and thus sometimes incorrect) annotations. 



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