Overview of the projects of the CRC 732

Area A: Speech, segmental and prosodic representations

A1-E Grzegorz Dogil & Hans Kamp Incremental Specification of Focus and Givenness in a Discourse Context
A2 Jonas Kuhn & Sebastian Padó (ehemals: Grzegorz Dogil ehemals: Bernd Möbius & Hinrich Schütze)) Exemplar-Based Speech Representation
A3-A Bin Yang, Grzegorz Dogil & Wolfgang Wokurek Incremental Specification in Speech
A4 Antje Schweitzer (ehemals: Grzegorz Dogil & Antje Schweitzer) Phonetic Convergence in Spontaneous Speech
A6-N Uwe Reyle Encoding of Information Structure in German and French
A7-N Sabine Zerbian Cross-linguistic interactions in second language prosody
A8-N Thang Vu Investigating the Interaction between Speech and Language Processing for Spoken Language Understanding: A Case Study for Sentiment Analysis

Specific program moduless

INF-N Jonas Kuhn & Sebastian Padó (ehemals: Grzegorz Dogil, Jonas Kuhn & Sebastian Pado) Information Infrastructure
MGK Sabine Schulte im Walde & Sabine Zerbian Integriertes Graduiertenkolleg - Integrated Research Training Group

Associated Group

Emmy-Noether-Gruppe Andreas Maletti Tree Transducers in Machine Translation


Key to abbreviations

We use the following suffixes to project codes:

  • -A (following the project code): the project  terminated at the end of the year 2010 or 2014
  • -E (following the project code): the project terminated at the end of phase 1 (at the end of June 2010) or at the end of phase 2 (at the end of June 2014)
  • -N (following the project code): the project started in phase 3 in July 2014

Phase 1 (2006-2010)
Phase 2 (2010-2014)
Phase 3 (2014-2018)

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