Publications C1

The publications of the CRC 732 project C1

The Syntax of Nominal Modification and its Interaction with Nominal Structure

In progress

  • Alexiadou, A. Doubling of (in)definiteness: articulating the structure of the DP. Ms. Universität Stuttgart.
  • Alexiadou, A. Plural mass nouns and the morpho-syntax of Number. Proceedings of WCCFL 28.


  • Alexiadou, A. Adverbial and adjectival modification. Cambridge Handbook of Generative Syntax, edited by Marcel den Dikken.
  • Alexiadou, A. & C. Campanini. On the adverbial reading of infrequency adjectives and the structure of the DP. Proceedings of CGSW 23/24. Amsterdam: John Benjamins.
  • Gengel, K. a. Local Dislocation in the Distribution of French Adjectives. Lingua.
  • Gengel, K. b. Romance adjectival distribution: a critical approach to Cinque's generalizations. Linguistics.

To appear

Alexiadou, A. & K. Gengel. 2008a. NP ellipsis without focus movement: the role of classifiers. In Proceedings of the Workshop on interface based-approaches to information structure. Cambridge University Press.

Alexiadou, A. & K. Gengel. 2008b. Classifiers as morpho-syntactic licenserors of NP-ellipsis. English vs. Romance. Proceedings of NELS 39.

Alexiadou, A. & M. Stavrou. 2008. Ethnic Adjectives as pseudo-adjectives: a case study in syntax-morphology interaction and the structure of DP. To appear in Studia Linguistica.

Lohrmann, S. to appear. A unified structure for Scandinavian DPs. Amsterdam: John Benjamins.


Alexiadou, A., G. Iordachioaia & M. Marchis. 2009. Supine nominals as participial nominalizations. Bucharest Working papers in Linguistics 11:1, 67-79.

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