Project B8-N (2014-2018)

Overview of the project B7 of the CRC 732

Alternations and Binding

Principal Investigator: Prof. Dr. Daniel Hole
Researcher: PD Dr. Ljudmila Geist

Former Researchers: Florian Groll, Jun Rößler
Hiwi: Daniel Schweizer
Former Hiwi: Katherine Fraser

The main research topic of this project is the interaction between voice, alternation, and binding. Areas of analysis include Stative Locative Alternation (SLA) in German, autobenefactive voices and alternations, the shared-benefit voice in Lai (Tibeto-Burman), and anti-binding configurations of non-self-benefactive constructions in Dravidian.

The main goal of this project is to supply a typological overview of these interactions at the syntax-semantic interface. The findings of this project will complement those of B6.

  • Complete description of the project (application for funding)


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